Sinoma Intl. and Sinomatech Signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement



As of March 26, Sinoma Intl. and Sinomatech held a signing ceremony for bilateral strategic cooperation agreement. President Mr. Yin Zhisong of Sinoma Intl. and General Manager Mr. Huang Zaiman of Sinomatech signed the agreement, witnessed by Chairman Mr. Liu Yan of Sinoma Intl. and Chairman Mr. Song Bolu of Sinomatech.


To facilitate and shape a green development model, to build ecological civilization and beautiful earth have become a common goal of international community. Development and exploitation of renewable energy is an important measure to achieve our national goal of carbon peak before 2030 and net zero emission before 2060. Wind power generation is one of the renewable energies that are most mature in technology, most ready to be industrialized and possess great commercial prospects. To promote wind power collaboration in global market is aligned with the strategies of the companies.

Sinomatech and Sinoma Intl. are both member holding companies affiliated with CNBM Group. Sinomatech is a high-tech enterprise in the business of special fiber composite materials specialized in the integration of R&D, engineering & design, product manufacturing and sales, technology and equipment supply. As a globally leading company in the manufacturing of wind blades, Sinomatech has strengths in profound technology accumulation, industry experiences, operation capacity, customer resources, talent reserve, etc.. The strategic collaboration is an important measure to implement CNBM Group’s strategy to go abroad and enhance synergy growth within CNBM Group. The collaboration will fully tap into Sinomatech’s strength in leading the wind blades manufacturing and Sinoma Intl’s strengths in well-developed global network and presence as well as wealthy experiences of EPC services. The companies will jointly build a globally competitive provider for supplying wind blades key components, engineering and O&M services. Thus, it will further boost the stable industrial supply chain of CNBM’s wind power business as well as its competitiveness, moreover, it will fuel the growth of CNBM’s businesses of new energies and new materials.


The companies had an amicable and in-depth discussions prior to the signing ceremony. Chairman of Sinomablade Ms. Zhuang Qinxia, CMO of Sinomablade Mr. Wang Peng, Ms. Zhu Yiwen, Director of Strategy and Investment Dept. of Sinomatech, Vice Party Sectretary Mr. Jiang Zhongwen (Sinoma Intl.), Vice President Mr. Meng Qinglin (Sinoma Intl.), CIO Mr. Tang Yali (Sinoma Intl.), General Manager of Sinomaee Mr. Gao Chao, Vice General Manager of Sinomaee Mr. Zhu Linhe, GM Assistant of Sinomaee Ms. Wang Na jointly attended the signing ceremony and discussions.

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